Washi Related Topics

Methods of Paper-making (Kami-suki)

There are some variety of Paper-making methods. Nagashi-Zuki(流し漉き) is the most commonly-used method of Washi making.The artisan scoops the fibre solution and shakes the mould intensely.This method is effective for making strong paper, as the fibers bind together tightly, and also controlling the thickness easily.It is the method of “Continuous Shake”. Jūmonji-Zuki(十文字漉き) is a variation style of Nagashi-Zuki.The artisan well shakes the mould vertically and horizontally, the fibers become cross-bound tightly. Although this is not a widely-used method, it is a good method to make special strong paper.It is the method of “Cross Shake”. Tame-Zuki(溜め漉き) is an old-style, slightly rare method of Washi making.The artisan scoops the fibre solution from […]

Season of Washi making

Washi making was the wintertime work in the past. In the season with no farm work, they had to work inside their houses, especially in the heavy snow area. It is almost same in no-snow area.In most of Washi production process, lots of water is required. The water in the winter season is cold, but it gives a good effect for a high-quality paper, in exchange sacrificing chapped hands.At present, the situation is still the same. In high temperature, the “Neri (dispersant)”, especially Tororoaoi, doesn’t work properly and easily rot.Most of the artisans make high-quality paper only in winter.If there is no stock of papers when you ordered, please be […]

The Word “Washi”

The word “Washi(和紙)” may not be recognized correctly. In the Japanese language, “Wa(和)” means “Japanese”, for example, “Wa-gyu(和牛)=Japanese beef”, “Wa-shoku(和食)=Japanese food”… This came from Japanese ancient country name “Yamato(大和)”. On the other hand, the imported (mainly from Europe and America) product is called “Yo(洋)-xxx” since around late 19C, like “Yo-shoku(洋食)=Western Food”, “Yo-fuku(洋服)=Western clothes”… This means the word “Washi” has not a long history, papers were just called “Kami(紙)”. After Western paper (“Yo-shi”=洋紙) came to the Japan market, the word “Washi” was created to distinguish to Western paper. The single letter ”紙” is pronounced “Kami” as alone, if attached with a proper noun, it may change “-Shi” or “-Gami” as below. […]