Corporate Information

  Name Pride of Japan Co.,Ltd
  Representative Yano Takashi (矢野 貴志)  C.E.O.
  Address 529 Suyasu, Sayo-Cho, Hyogo-Pref, JAPAN 679-5532
  Tel/Fax +81-(0)790-71-2185
  Mobile +81-(0)80-4659-8800
  Established 15th June 2017

We are providing following services. If you have particular requirements, please feel free to contact us.

  • Washi Information
    We introduce the Districts, Workshops, Artisans and Individual papers, plus various information for helping to understand Washi deeply.
  • Consulting Service
    If you are looking for paper for professional usage, we support to find the best paper.
  • Sample piece and report
    If you want to have and check the Washi paper by your hand, we will send a report and sample.
  • Touching with Artisans
    If you need to contact with the artisans directly, we act as the bridge including interpretation service.
  • Contract Management
    If you want to make a deal for the particular paper, we manage the contract between you and artisan.



From Osaka (Umeda) to Sayo station : 90 min by Express ”Super Hakuto”

From Kobe (San-no-miya) to Sayo station : 75 min by Express ”Super Hakuto”



From Osaka :  135km (110 min) by Chugoku exp-way

From Kobe : 113km (110 min) by San-yo exp-way