SR-30 Shiroishi Washi / Kurafuto Shiroishi

Shiroishi Washi was the part of Japan important historical moment. It was used for the Surrender document of WW2 between Japan and the USA. There is a couple of hundred years of history. Especially a legendary artisan, Mr.Endo Tadao’s paper was used for various important official occasions and the Paper cloth at Todaiji Temple ceremony.
Although Tadao passed away in 1997, his wife continued Washi making up to recently. Because she became very aged, so the town people built the team to inherit for Washi making.
The paper using single unique Kozo species (a kind of Kaji) is soft and white. It is used for Paper Clothes and Embossed paper.
The effort of the town people is really respectable. Shiroishi Washi is powerfully reviving now.